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Meet the Team


Our skilled team of professionals are the backbone of Greenclean Limited.
Their ideas help shape the direction of our business as it continues to evolve.
They have the passion and wherewithal to get every job done right.


Bobbie Wilson


Owner and Managing Director Bobbie Wilson has grown up with Greenclean since she was born. Having watched her parents then her older brother work hard in the cleaning industry it taught her strength, tenacity, fairness and a determination to never give up from an early age.

Bobbie spread her wings in a different direction and began her career with a well-known retail giant. Starting at the bottom she worked her way through departments, operational procedures and areas of the business to become shop manager.

Armed with 10 years management experience in February 2019 she became an owner of the company she'd known her whole life. A fierce leader and dynamic, compassionate boss, Bobbie is excited about steering Greenclean Limited on a steady course to a bright future.

Mark Wilson


Mark has worked with Greenclean since the early days, starting as an apprentice in his teenage years. Everything to know about cleaning is under that hat and happily shared.

Mark believes the most sustainable businesses are where the owners, managers and CEO's have their feet firmly on the floor and don't lose touch with operations at ground level. He is out daily among the staff checking jobs and conducting cleans and maintenance work himself.

He's particularly chuffed about his annual yield of apples and pears grown in a narrow strip of his small garden and when Spurs do well. That, seeing his family thrive and a decent cup of tea means all is well in Marks world.


Simon Ford


Simon held a senior position within the oil and gas industry for many years, gaining a wealth of knowledge and invaluable experience in the chemical industry. Managing people and projects in environments where the highest degrees of Health and Safety were paramount set him up perfectly for the future.

Simon chose a change of pace and started his own successful window cleaning business in 2016, becoming the first local company to use the chemical-free hot water reach and wash pole system for commercial cleaning and maintenance.

In 2019 Simon joined forces and became a proud and hardworking owner of Greenclean Limited, sharing his expertise within the chemical area among the team to ensure we are using sustainable and safe materials at all times.

A natural born leader, Simon believes in the personal touch and works alongside many of our cleaners on a daily basis.

A keen home-grown advocate, Simon keeps free range chickens, enjoys banter, good food, travel, sport and downtime with his young family.

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